US Naval Sea Cadet Corps
Barque Eagle Division
1 Linsley Drive
Plainville CT 06062

CO - LCDR Brian Naylor
XO - LTJG Stephen Smith

  Commanding Officer's Log  

Welcome Aboard;

Visiting us may possibly be the best decision you will make as a young adult. The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) dates back to 1958 when the Navy League of the United States wanted to "create a favorable image of the Navy on the part of the American youth". Since that time the program has grown to over 380 units and approximately 9,000 young men and women ages 11-17.

The Barque Eagle Division has been working with local youth since January of 1973, and we continue to grow. Our goal is to give our youth a chance to; experience the Navy and Coast Guard way of life, develop strong moral principles, good citizenship and confidence.

We have many resources to review on this website. If you think our program sounds like something you would like to experience, our membership link is for you. It could be life changing.

LCDR. Brian C. Naylor, NSCC (MSgt USAF retired)
Commanding Officer
Barque Eagle Division



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All Hands;

What an amazing weekend we just had! In all my years in this program, I've never had anything like this happen... 18 new Cadets joining in one weekend. I take it we're doing something right! The staff was awesome in assisting with the paperwork intake and we had 3 new volunteers handle the uniforms so that all but 3 Cadets were outfitted. The others have been ordered. Next month when we work on board the USS Salem all of our new Cadets will see how living and working on a ship feels like. 

I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the work we accomplished, Staff and Cadets alike and how welcomed the new Cadets felt. Stay tuned and watch for emails that pertain to the 17-18 Nov away drill on board the USS Salem in Quincy, MA.

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