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Commanding Officer's Log


Welcome Aboard;

Visiting us may possibly be the best decision you will make as a young adult. The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) dates back to 1958 when the Navy League of the United States wanted to "create a favorable image of the Navy on the part of the American youth". Since that time the program has grown to over 380 units and approximately 9,000 young men and women ages 10-17.

The Barque Eagle Division has been working with local youth since January of 1973, and we continue to grow. Our goal is to give our youth a chance to; experience the Navy and Coast Guard way of life, develop strong moral principles, good citizenship and confidence.

We have many resources to review on this website. If you think our program sounds like something you would like to experience, our membership link is for you. It could be life changing.

LT. Stephen Smith, NSCC (STG 1 USN retired)
Commanding Officer
Barque Eagle Division



Our February Drill weekend was very busy.  Our Cadets became CPR/First Aid certified.  It is possible that we have not seen them so engaged before.  

On Saturday we did not only conduct medical training but we also completed our annual swim qualifications.  

Progressing through the swim qualification is no small feat.  We had 11 Cadets achieve Basic Swimmer, 2 Third Class Swimmers, 8 Second Class Swimmers and 7 First Class Swimmers.  For each level the swimmer completed all of the requirements for each level up to that achieved Class.  So a First Class Swimmer needed to demonstrate proficiency starting with the Basic Swimmer test and for each subsequent test including First Class.


For some of us that resulted in over three hours in the pool.  Not a complaint we all wanted to swim.  Saying that everyone was exhausted and that was just Saturday.  

Sunday we conducted much needed administrative duties, a dress uniform inspection, prospective cadet orientation and general military training.  

March Drill brings our annual inspection!  Our Cadets need to have their uniforms ironed, shoes shined and fresh haircuts.  With luck the inspection will fly by and we can move onto some fun training.  


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