This link is for the Uniform Regulation Manual.

Summer Uniform (whites) April 1st, Winter Uniform (blues) October 1st.

Barque Eagle Uniforms-
1. NWUs (digital blue) will be our main uniform. This consists of a digital blue pant and jacket combo with a matching cover. These may be washed and pressed.

2. Dress Blues (Sea Cadets only-winter) are the 13-button black pants and blouse with distinctive white piping, worn with a neckerchief. This uniform is dry clean only! Please iron following the creases already on the uniform, I.e. pants are ironed, inside out. This uniform is worn with the white "Dixie Cup" cover.

3. League Cadet (winter uniform) are made up of black pants and a long sleeve black shirt with a black tie and black belt with silver buckle. This uniform is also worn with the white "Dixie Cup" cover. Can be laundered and pressed at cleaners. Name plate is placed on right side above pocket.

4. Dress Whites (Sea Cadets only-summer) are white pants and white blouse with Yoke (flap) worn with a neckerchief, white web belt with silver buckle. New cadets will be issued this uniform in the Spring. This uniform is worn with a "Dixie Cup" cover.

5. League Cadet (summer uniform) Salt & Peppers are a short sleeve, white shirt with their black pants and black belt with silver buckle (no tie). Also worn is the white "Dixie Cup" cover.

6. BDU's are the issued woodland camouflage pants and jacket combo that needs to be worn with their blue belt , silver buckle, a brown T-shirt, and a BDU cover. (must have a US Naval Sea Cadet flash sewn and displayed on the front) 

Uniform Flash

 The above images illustrate proper placement of uniform flash for NLCC and NSCC Cadets. For more information refer to Uniform Regulation Chapter 4, pages 4-14 and 4-15. 

Additional Items:


Additional Items needed to purchase through Supply if available (limited):
• Pea Coat-$50 (if available) - NWU Parka & Liner-$55.00 (if available)
• NWU Cover- $15 - BDU Cover-$15 (limited)
Items to purchase outside of Supply:
• Black dress leather shoes that can be hand polished with Kiwi polish. They can be purchased from a reputable military store in our area, online, Sears, JCPenney.
• Black boots mid calf can be purchased from Sears, JCPenney, any military supply store, online at or

To purchase name tapes, ribbons, patches (NLCC and NSCC Flash) and other uniform accessories you can utilize these links to 1-800-NameTapes and Vanguard. If you are looking to purchase a set of BDUs has carries the smaller Trooper (youth line of uniforms) brand and adult uniforms.